Acquisition Focus

Our platform focuses on the acquisition, improvement, and management of well located, value-add, market-rate multifamily opportunities in growth markets throughout the Southeast and Texas.  We search for highly selective, cash-flowing assets that are undercapitalized or poorly managed but offer value-add and possible rehabilitation potential.  A strict underwriting process is followed when hand-picking from a vast universe of investment opportunities that hit the market.  Target properties are expected to generate strong cash flows, which can potentially be distributed to investors on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide most of their expected total return from operations and not from a future sale of the asset.  Our selection process focuses on markets and submarkets with a  population of over 1 million, locations with a stable job market, where demographic and job growth drivers result in a portfolio that is not only diversified but generates rent growth.  This is achieved by carrying out an attentive, careful and conscientious due diligence in which, among others, market research as well as analysis of both demographic and economic trends, are closely studied.

Market and Asset fundamentals drive our approach

PIA targets properties with strong purchase fundamentals, attractive risk/return profiles, and substantial value creation potential.  We use a disciplined investment approach to target properties which provide above average risk adjusted return potential and resilience to market downturns.  PIA’s investment criteria consideration includes but is not limited to the following:


The profile of our acquisitions is one of the cornerstones of our success.

Product Type
Institutional Class B / C rated communities constructed post-1985, located in A or B locations, stabilized or with value-add or reposition-rehab potential.   Consideration of A-rated communities will be given to special opportunities.
No of Units
200+ Units
Multifamily properties in well-located high barrier to entry markets located throughout the Southeast Region of the US and Texas.
Post-1985 construction
Purchase Price
$10 Million to $50 Million
Equity Investment
$1 Million to $20 Million
Renovation and Repositioning by solving management and property issues.

* PIA respects brokers’ efforts and involvement and is always mindful of rightful agency and a commission due to a broker.  Provided the broker has authorized agency from a Seller and is dealing directly with a Seller, PIA will honor that agency and endeavor to protect it. In the event a Seller has not previously agreed to pay a commission, PIA may enter into an arrangement to pay a Buyer broker to act on its’ behalf.  We do not deal with secondary brokers attempting to sell another broker/agent’s listing.


We focus on the South East and Texas markets with solid growth fundamentals which allow us to derive above average risk-adjusted returns.