PIA Group offers investors a vehicle which allows ownership in multifamily income-producing properties without the hassle of finding, underwriting, remodeling,  and managing.
PIA Group’s priority is the preservation and growth of investor capital.  It is our belief that in today’s market, multi-family investments provide the most attractive, risk adjusted returns when compared to other commercial real estate investments.
PIA Group’s investment model mandates that all investments generate current monthly “cash on cash” returns for its investors, rather than rely upon highly speculative “back end” projections.
PIA Group’s targeted acquisition strategy, focused asset management style and attention to detail seek double digit returns for investors.
Returns are comprised of annual operating cash flow including quarterly distributions, plus proceeds from the sale or refinance of the assets.
Along with the quarterly distributions, PIA provides comprehensive reports to our investors, including all financial and operating information.
Our company principals invest in all deals and are directly involved on a day-to-day basis, executing with an entrepreneurial, owner/operator mentality.

We never ask clients to invest in something we aren’t willing to invest in ourselves


We are constantly sourcing deals. Once an opportunity is identified we create an investment structure around it.  These structures vary from joint ventures, managed accounts, club ventures and funds catered to institutional, family office and high net worth investors.